Terms of Service

Please read these terms of service carefully before using PaidPoints website.


General Terms

By becoming a member of PaidPoints you agree to the following terms:

  1. You must be over 13 years of age to use this site.
  2. You must provide accurate and honest information while using the site. This means during registration, while communicating with PaidPoints and while completing PaidPoints offers.
  3. You can join PaidPoints from any country.
  4. You must only create one account per household on PaidPoints.
  5. You must login to PaidPoints only on your own personal computer at home. Logging into PaidPoints on public or shared computers is forbidden and may lead to your account being suspend and losing all your earnings.
  6. You must login only from the same country where you registered
  7. You must not use a proxy or VPN or attempt to mask your IP address
  8. While creating your account please use a strong password and make sure you change it regularly. A strong password is usually a combination of letters, numbers and symbols and should be at least up to 10 characters long.

Account Suspension

Your account may be suspended on PaidPoints if:

  1. You break any of the terms listed in above.
  2. You try to exploit a vulnerability in PaidPoints.
  3. You try to cheat in any way or try to show others how to cheat.
  4. You are perceived to affect the stability of PaidPoints and its relationships with advertisers and members.
  5. You are caught using innacurate information or details to complete an offer.

PaidPoints totally reserves the right to attempt to reclaim any paid earnings from members who have be banned for fraudulent behavior


To cancel your account with PaidPoints you may contact the site by submitting a support ticket. If you decide to cancel your account it will not be recoverable and you will lose any earnings on your account.


You are not allowed to transfer or sell your account, earnings or prizes to someone else.



Offer Crediting

You may only complete an offer once on PaidPoints except daily offers.

PaidPoints has the right to adjust the rates of offers as it needs to and may do so without notice or comment.

You must only complete offers with valid information. Using false information will result in your account being suspended and all earnings forfeited.

PaidPoints uses industry standard tracking software on all its offers which occasionally won't credit an offer. We cannot control this and will not credit your account for offers that do not credit in the tracking software.

Some offers on PaidPoints may redirect to another offer. If this happens do not complete the offer and please inform PaidPoints of the offer so we can remove it from the site.

Offer Terms

Please only sign up to offers of your interest.

We are not responsible for any terms or content on any of the offers we provide on PaidPoints.

If an offer which requires a credit card is reversed you will be suspended from PaidPoints.



All payments will be made by PaidPoints using only the payment partners we specified on the home page.


The minimum amount you can withdraw is $1.00. if the system is cheated, your account will be banned. 

PaidPoints reserves the right to refuse to pay any member which it thinks is breaching the terms of the site.



Please ensure that your CPA network supports incentive advertising. If you are advertising in any other way, ensure that it

is suitable for our platform. We do not refund you funds after users have started to attempt the offers/tasks.



All members are responsible for paying taxes on their own earnings. As a member PaidPoints we are not responsible for paying taxes on your behalf.

Coin swaps

All coin swaps are not processed directly on PaidPoints but on SimpleSwap , a reliable crypto swap and exchange service that has been around since early 2018. PaidPoints will not be responsible for any issue that occurs on SimpleSwap end. However if you make a transaction on PaidPoints, we are ready to give you full support, in the best of our capacity. 

Additional Information

PaidPoints will not be responsible for lost profits, business opportunities, or any other indirect, special, punitive, incidental or consequential damages that emanates out of or related to this Agreement or the PaidPoints program, even if PaidPoints has been advised of the possibility of such damages.