How it works?


100 $POINTS = $1
500 $POINTS = $5
1,000 $POINTS = $10
5,000 $POINTS = $50

Earn Money

Trading, Exchange & Coin Swaps

You can swap between any coin of your choice among the 500+ coins we have on our coin swap, and take advantage of crypto price fluctuations, volatility and arbitrage to make good profit. It's easy and simple. The swaps take between 5 minutes and 60 minutes to happen. In most cases, 5 minutes is enough. 

Cash Offers
We have many games, app offers, and surveys on our offerwalls from companies who want to improve their product through consumer feedback and market research. They pay you cash to engage with their products or give your opinoins that help them with the knowledge they need to improve on their products.

Some of these games and apps will reward you with up to 5,000 $Points ($50) each, while some reward with smaller amount.

Some surveys will reward you with up to 500 $Points ($5) each, while some reward with lesser amount.

You can play games, take surveys or use apps multiple times a day. Ensure to read instructions for payment qualification.

All apps are hosted on Google Play Store and verified by Google. 


Cashback & Offers

Sign up to websites that you wish to use from our cashback & offers section, and get up to 100% of your money back. Some cashback and offers require you to enter and submit your username as is on those websites on our cashback & offers section.

Ensure to do that. Once your cashback amount is up to $1, you can withdraw your cash. It's simple!

Note: if you are joining a website that you already use, you will have to create a new account with them from here. 


To Start Getting Cashback

Sign up and/or log in and click on "Earn" and click on Cashback & Offers to join the website you would like to receive cashback from. In addition, you can also complete some offers from advertisers on that section.


Spread The Word and Earn 20% Recurring Referral Commissions

If you don't find an offer to complete for cash on our offer walls, you can still earn with us by simply referring other users.

Earn $.2

Earn $0.2 every time a user you have referred earns $1. Recurring passive income.

Earn $1

Earn $1 every time a user you have referred earns $5. Recurring passive income.

Earn $5

Earn $5 every time a user you have referred earns $25. Recurring passive income.


How To Transfer Your Points To Cash & Withdraw

From the left sidebar, click on "Money" and from the drop down, click on "Transfer", click on "$Points" from that tabbed menu and transfer your $Points to main balance. Click on Money again, click on Withdraw, enter the amount you wish to withdraw and cash out.  


Before withdrawal, ensure you have added either your PerfectMoney, Payeer, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin or Skrill account. If you haven't simply scroll down on the same withdrawal page and click on "Add New". This will quickly take you to the "Payment" section of your account settings page.

Carefully Enter your wallet address. Make sure it is correct.

Enter your 4 digit pin you used when registering your PaidPoints account. Then click on save.

Go back to the withdrawal page and continue with your withdrawal.