How it works?

For Earners

You earn Points that you can use for buying services in the system or you can transfer to cash and withdraw your earnings.


We have thousands of offers and  many surveys available daily and some offers are worth more than 1,000 Points each. Complete many offers daily.


How To Start Earning

Sign Up/Register and create an account on PaidPoints. Activate your account from your email after signing up.

From the left menu click on "Earn" and you will find four ways to earn from there. 

1. CPA/GPT Offers - Earn by comleting simple tasks here.

2. PTC - Earn from Paid To Click viewing websites

3. Traffic Exchange - Earn by viewing websites and also show your own websites

4. Offer Walls - Earn by taking surveys and completing offers.

You can earn from these four ways but you can earn much more from number 1 and 4.


How To Transfer Your Points To Cash For Withdraw Or Use For Other Services.

After you have earned some Points, It will show up in your Points Balance (the one on the extreme right)

From the left menu, just below "Advertise", click on "Money" and from the drop down, click on "Transfer" then you will see a tabbed menu, click on "Points" from that tabbed menu. 

On the left side you will see "Points", "an arrow pointing to the right direction" , and "Main" on the right. 

If you want to withdraw your Points to cash, then you can transfer it to "Main". 

Note: You can only withdraw from Main Balance.

If you want to use your Points to purchase advertising services or other services in the system, then click on "Main" and you will find "Traffic Balance" and "Purchase Balance". You can transfer from Points Balance to any of these.  


How To Withdraw Your Earnings From PaidPoints

From the left menu again, under money, click on "Withdraw". This should take you to the withdrawal page. Currently you can withdraw to PerfectMoney, Ethereum, Payeer, or Skrill. We are working to add solidtrustpay and other payment methods. We may have added them by the time you are reading this.

Before withdraw ensure you have added your PerfectMoney, Payeer, Ethereum, or Skrill account. If you haven't simply scroll down on the same withdrawal page and click on "Add New". This will quickly take you to the "Payment" section of your account settings page.

Carefully Enter your wallet address. Make sure it is correct.

Enter your 4 digit pin you used when registering your PaidPoints account. Then click on save.

Go back to the withdrawal page and continue with your withdrawal.

Enter the amount you want to withdraw in the "Amount" textbox just below the "Add New" blue button.

Enter your 4 digit pin you used when registering your PaidPoints account. 

Then click on "Withdraw". 


How To Deposit To PaidPoints For Ordering Services.

From the left menu, under money, click on "Deposit". That should bring you to the deposit page. You can depoist funds from your PerfectMoney account to your PaidPoints Purchase Balance Or Traffic Balance, and use it to purchase advertising services or other services.

On the depoist page, left side, select PerfectMoney account. Then on the right side, select Purchase or Traffic balance, then enter the amount you want to deposit below and click on "Deposit" blue button. 

Carefully follow the rest of the instructions to complete your deposit. 


For Advertisers

From the left menu, under earn, click on "Advertise" , then from the drop down menu or sub menu chose which type of advert you want to put. You will find. CPA/GPT Offers, PTC, Traffic Exchange. 

CPA/GPT Offers (CPA & GPT stands for Cost Per Action & Get Paid To)

On this page, you can create new tasks for users to complete. There are many categories, and you can select which one falls in your type of task. If you don't find a suitable category for your task, simply contact us through the support link above, and we will add the category.


How To Add CPA/GPT Offers

from the tab menu above, click on "New Campaign" read the instruction above, and fill out the form. 

Category - Select what category your tasks falls into.

URL - Put the link to your website here where users have to visit to complete the task.

Title - Enter the title of your task.

Description - Explain exactly what users have to do here. If you have extra instructions, Dos, and Donts, put them here.

How Many - Enter how many times you want the task to be completed.

Price Per Action - Enter the amount each user will be paid for each task completed. 

Banner image - Upload your banner here and click on submit button. This banner should make your task look more attractive.

Login ID box - Check this if the offer requires user to provide their login id, (username, etc).

Email ID box - Check this if the offer requires user to provide email used to complete the task.

Refreshed Daily - Check this if the same users are allowed to complete this offer everyday.

Geolocation - Check this box if you need only users from specific locations to complete the offer.

From the drop down box, list of countries, simply click down arrow to add the countries you need to complete your offer, and up arrow to remove.

Fill in the age ranges of users you want to complete the offer, and select their gender.

Click on "Pay Via Purchase Balance". Note: you need to have transferred or deposited some funds in your Purchase balance to Pay.