Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I earn money on PaidPoints?

You can earn money through the following ways:

+ Task Walls

+ Cashback


2. How much money can I earn?

The more tasks and surveys you complete, the more money you earn. Some users earn $40 within an hour, some earn $10, and others earn nothing. The amount you earn depends on the type of task you do, and the ability to earn money or not depends on if you really want to. 


3. How can I calculate my earnings?

You earn $USD Points for completing tasks.

100 $USD Points = $1. 

1,000 $USD Points = $10.

10,000 $USD Points = $100.


4. What is the minimum cashout?

You may cashout at $5. You can transfer your $USD Points to your main account balance in $ and cashout. 


5. How many accounts are allowed per IP/household?

You are allowed to have ONLY ONE account per each IP and household.


6. Can I access my account using a VPN/PROXY?

No, You can't! This is strictly forbidden and you will be automatically banned by the anti-cheat system if you do this.


7. What countries are allowed to join this site?

Currently we allow all countries to join PaidPoints, but keep in mind we may not have offers for all countries. However, we keep working to add offers for all countries.


8. Why Can't I find an offer to do in my country?

We don't have partners with offers/ads that are targeting your country. We apologize for this inconvenience.