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Earn money by playing games, taking surveys, testing websites, apps, opening accounts, & more. Get free PayPal money, payeer, crypto.

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Swap between 500+ coins instantly and take advantage of crypto volatility, price fluctuations to make quick profit from arbitrage.

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Use our offers & cashback section to get up to 100% of your money when you spend money online or simply contact us with the site name.

Spread The Word & Earn 20% Recurring Referral Commission

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Earn $0.2 every time a user you have referred earns $1. Recurring passive income. 

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Earn $1 every time a user you have referred earns $5. Recurring passive income.  

Earn $5

Earn $5 every time a user you have referred earns $25. Recurring passive income. 

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100 $POINTS = $1
500 $POINTS = $5
1,000 $POINTS = $10
5,000 $POINTS = $50

What is Paid Points?

PaidPoints is a website where you can quickly earn money from apps, buy, swap or exchange and trade crypto coins, get paid to take surveys, play games, & more. Minimum withdrawal is $1. You first earn points, then swap them immediately for cash in USD and withdraw your money through PayPal, Skrill, Payeer, Litecoin, Dogecoin, or PerfectMoney. You can also advertise on PaidPoints.

After transferring your points to Main Balance in USD, now you can withdraw your earnings from your Main Balance on PaidPoints, to any wallet of your choice through any of the payment methods listed above. Alternatively, you can also use your paid points to purchase services inside PaidPoints, create offers, and have users complete your offers for you while being rewarded with your points.


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You can advertise and promote your app, website & social media directly on PaidPoints and have our users accept and complete your offer while getting rewarded for their action. Our advertising system can be set to include or exclude specific demographics, and other settings of your choice. You can promote Email Submit offers, First Page Submit, Second Page Submit, Videos, CPC, Daily Surveys, Registration, Download, Pin Submit, PPD, Trial, and any other type of offer you have. There is a category for all offers. Simply sign up and make an offer by yourself or contact us using the "Advertise" button to make an offer for you.

Spend some time and earn some extra income everyday, What you realize at the month end could be a Surprise!

Payment Proofs

KastovNova (United States)$9.2800BongChaw (Japan)$20.9000denizturhan34 (United States)$1.6800Mayshelll (United States)$4.8500Mayshelll (United States)$2.9000renard (United States)$2.5500BongChaw (Japan)$26.9000renard (United States)$19.9000BongChaw (Japan)$26.9000zhenhaiyao (United States)$7.5900