In this post, I show you how to make $60 using videos. This is  a great YouTube Alternative.

ClipWatching will pay you up to $60 for receiving 10,000 views on your videos. Just like you upload content on YouTube, you can upload content on ClipWatching and earn money from it. In fact, I suggest that you upload the same videos you upload on YouTube to ClipWatching. That way, you can double your video income.

They pay more than YouTube. For most people, YouTube pays anywhere between $1 – $5 per 1,000 views in which case getting 10,000 views on your videos will get you anywhere between $10 to $50 . But with clip watching you can make $10 more for every 10,000 views you get on your videos.

How Is A Video View Counted?

Well, they specify that once your video is watched for 1 minute, then that video will be counted as a view. So it is necessary to take note of this.

They also put location or demographics in consideration when making payments. Here is how it works

Plan D is Other Countries. So I hope you understand what you see in the image above. To get paid $60 for 10,000 views, your views must come from any country belonging to the PLAN A . And there are enough countries there, up to 18 countries.

If your all your views come only from countries in PLAN B, you get paid $30 for 10k Views . Still not bad if you ask me.

If all your video views come only from countries in PLAN C, you get paid $20 for 10k Views. And for PLAN D, you will get $10 for 10k views. That means that no matter where your viewers come from, you will get at least $1 for every 1,000 views. This is not hard at all to get 10k views on your videos, and remember that it is all videos counted. In fact, It means 10k views on your channel.

You just need to create eye catching titles and thumbnails and make the beginning part of your videos very interesting, then promote this in a viral way to get views. It’s not that hard, and I am going to show you one of the many ways you can promote your videos below.

How To Earn Even More Money With Them

Ok, they have a great referral program too. They call it a stable referral program, and a passive income. When you refer a user, you will get 10% of all his profit. So if you refer more people, you will earn more. I can assure you that there are lots of YouTubers who do not know about this yet, and will be willing to quickly dive in, and double their earnings. Because, once you make a video, you have made that video. You can upload it on multiple/many platforms as much as you can and earn the best you can from it.

You can Sign Up On ClipWatching , get your referral link, and start messaging YouTubers. It’s easy! Another place you can find people who will love this platform and be willing to quickly dive in, is on Steemit, DTube.

Anyone you refer, earns money for you while they earn money for themselves. It is a WIN-WIN.

Does YouTube have a referral program like this one? I don’t think so. Forgive me 🙂 but this is one reason why this is a great YouTube Alternative

Minimum Withdrawal & Payment Methods

Minimum withdrawal is $20, and they pay through Bitcoin, Paypal, Webmoney, PerfectMoney, Alipay . I don’t think YouTube does this. I’m sorry 🙂 This is another reason why it is a great YouTube Alternative

How Can You Get 10k Views For Your Videos?

Of course there are many ways for this, but you can quickly go to Fiverr and search for “Website Traffic”.

Scroll down and you should find these dudes below.

For $15 only, this guy could send you $100k super targeted USA website traffic, and look at his star rating. 4.6/5 star rating from 43 people is not bad . You can give it a try. Your video link should be your website in this case. Would be very fine if the video can autoplay.

Here is another guy you can try.

He has a great rating of 4.9 . If the first one doesn’t look real to you, this one should . Go to Fiverr and find them.

They can probably do real promotion for you, and you get $60 for spending about $10 to $15.  I suggest  you communicate properly with them and understand them properly before buying their services.

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