Surveytime is another website that pays you to take surveys, and I tested this one out myself. They pay $1 for every survey. In this post, I will be reviewing surveytime, and I will talk about how to get started. I stumbled across the website by chance,  and it had surveys for almost every country.

How To Get Started With Surveytime

To get started, visit Surveytime using the link above. When you arrive at the page you will be asked to enter your email. This is unlike other survey websites, where you have to register with more information to get started.

Simply enter your email, and then check your email, you will receive a password for your account. Again, this is unlike other survey websites where you have to set a password for your account before you log in. Here, they provide a password for you by themselves.

When you receive your password, get back to the website and click on log in from top section of the website.

Once you log in you will be asked to take a short survey to fill out your profile. This is said to last for about 15 minutes. But depending on your speed, it could last for just 10 minutes. Simply accept and start taking the survey. From that first survey to fill out your profile. They will know if you are fit or qualify for any survey in their system.

Don’t worry about this. They have surveys for almost all countries, including the ones that other survey websites rarely have surveys for.

Alternatively you can log in with any of your top social media profiles like facebook, twitter, or google.


During the first survey to fill out your profile, ensure that you answer all questions honestly and be accurate. Do not try to game them. They will intentionally repeat questions to ensure that you are consistent and honest with your answers. You may be disqualified if you are dishonest. 

I filled out the first survey for my profile, and I ended up qualifying for a survey. Do the same and you should qualify for a survey. You will be taken straight to the paid survey after you complete the first one to determine your type of profile.

Simply complete the survey patiently, and try to be honest with your answers. My survey took about 30 minutes, and it was on a food flavor topic.

Some Of The Questions They Asked Me On Food Flavor Survey

Some of the questions I was asked, was to select which food flavors I have tested from a list of flavors, and which ones I would like to taste.

The next was to select what type of words, that would fit some type of food flavors. These questions are very simple and anyone can easily answer it. It may be different for you regarding the type of survey you will get. But that was what I got.

How To Get Your $1 Reward

Yes, after completing the survey, Surveytime immediately asks you to claim your reward. Every survey rewards you with $1. It doesn’t matter the length. So 30 minutes survey and 10 minutes survey all reward you with the same $1.

To claim your reward, you will be asked to enter your phone number, simply enter your phone number and you  will receive a text on your phone to verify that you own the number. Surveytime keeps all your info anonymous and private.  You don’t have to worry about this.

After you claim your $1 reward, you will receive this in few minutes to your Paypal account.  Depending on your country, they do have other payment methods which you can also use.

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