SlotoCash is a casino website that will pay you to play on their casino site. We’ve already seen some users earn from this one. If you are a casino enthusiast or you love gambling, then this is one of the best ways to join a casino site and reduce risk of loss or even make it a win-win if you play and win.

Side Note: Gambling could be very addictive and could result in quick loss of funds just as you can make quick profit. We do not recommend or advise gambling to anyone. Instead, this post is providing a smart way to make almost or totally risk free betting on your first wager in casino sites that support that. Proceed with caution.

Ratings & Reviews

SlotoCash has an “Ok” rating from and few other websites. Besides that, we have also seen few members earn the said amount above.


Do You Need To Deposit Money To Play On SlotoCash?

Yes, you need to deposit money to play on SlotoCash, but you will get the money back from PaidPoints. If you are lucky and you win on the casino site, you get more profit.

How To Get Started

Create an account on PaidPoints. Verify your account using your email by clicking on the activation link sent to the email. Log into your PaidPoints account and click on “Offers” under “Earn Cash”, as shown in the screenshot below.

earn cash offers

Next, click on our “Ayet Studios” offerwall and scroll down to find the “SlotoCash” offer, as shown in the screenshot below.

Alternatively, you can also click “Earn” from the sidebar, and click on “Offers”. This should take you to the same offerwall section where you will select the “Ayet Studios” tab.

Click on “Earn: +2625” and you should be taken to the SlotoCash website.

You simply need to register an account, Deposit at least $25 minimum, and play on the casino site with your deposit.

Ensure to read the instructions well before you begin the task. They are simple and straight forward.

Once you have completed the tasks, you will be credited with 2625 points on PaidPoints which is worth $26.25 real money.

After you have earned your points, simply transfer your points to cash in your main balance and withdraw your earnings.