Are you looking for a risk free betting strategy to make some money on casinos? In this post you will learn about some casino websites that offer some type of risk free betting opportunities to make money.

Is Risk Free Betting Really Possible?

Yes there are some casino websites that pay you money up to your first deposit amount which you can withdraw immediately through PaidPoints just for joining and using them. However, you must be a new user and in the location required for the profitable opportunity.

Here are some casino websites that offer some type of risk free betting opportunities to make money from.

Caesars Casino

Caesars Casino (William Hill Gaming) will pay you 50 USD through PaidPoints just to sign up, deposit and play at least 15 USD. Whether you win or loose, you still get paid 50 USD through PaidPoints giving you a sure profit of 35 USD no matter the outcome. If you win, then you make even more money. This promo opportunity is only available for USA and Canada only.

Sign up on PaidPoints and click on Earn -> Apps & Surveys -> Offertoro and sort tasks from high to low, to easily find Caesars Casino. The task is available on PaidPoints, and if you refer casino users to do the task. Each of them gets 50 USD, and you get 20 USD for each referral. You can get your referral link from your PaidPoints user dashboard. You can share it on Bitcointalk forum, Carigold forum, etc.

FanDuel Casino

fanduel casino

FanDuel Casino will pay you 33 USD to sign up and wager a minimum of 30 USD on their casino website if you live in the US. Whether you win or lose, you get paid 33 USD on PaidPoints just for signing up and wagering a minimum of 30 USD on their casino. If you win, then it’s a win-win for you. If you are good at sports prediction or casino games you can easily make it a win win. However, you will still receive 33 USD whether you win or lose, covering up for your original deposit and making it a risk free betting, so it is worth a try.

To get started, simply sign up on and visit the OfferToro offerwall section to find FanDuel Casino. We recommend signing up on PaidPoints to get access to much more earning opportunities.


slotocash casino

SlotoCash will pay you 20 USD to sign up, deposit 30 USD and play at least 5 games if you live in the US.

Whether you win or loose, you get paid 20 USD back through PaidPoints. It’s not quite risk free betting, because if you lose, you don’t get all your deposited money back, but it is lower risk betting because you get 20 USD back , and if you win, then it is a win-win for you.

To get started sign up on PaidPoints and click on earn -> Apps & Surveys -> Offertoro to find SlotoCash and sign up. We recommend this option because it provides you with more options and earning opportunities.



Swagger will pay 13 USD to register deposit and make a minimum wager of 10 USD on their casino website. The location required for this opportunity is US.

Whether you win or loose, you will still get your cash through PaidPoints. 10 USD can easily be wagered with a smaller amount so we regard this as a completely risk free betting opportunity that can be leveraged, and if you win, you win both ways.

To get started, visit PaidPoints and sign up. Click on earn -> Apps & Surveys and locate Offertoro then scroll down to find Swagger, and sign up.


bovegas casino

BoVegas casino will pay you 11 USD to sign up, deposit and wager a minimum of 25 USD. Not really a totally risk free betting but you get a good cash back and a chance to win and make more money if you play smart.

To begin, sign up on PaidPoints using any of the links above, and locate BoVegas in the OfferToro task wall.

Exclusive Casino

Exclusive Casino

Exclusive casino offers the same cash back opportunity as BoVegas. You get 11 USD for signing up and wagering 25 USD minimum on their website through PaidPoints.

Instructions on how to begin is the same as others above.

Why You Should Use Risk Free Betting Methods

Considering the amount of loses players can have in a casino website, it is always advisable to make use of any risk free betting opportunity to reduce your chances of losing. Also it is advisable to start with what you can afford to lose. Using the opportunities mentioned above, you lose almost nothing.

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