Send Unlimited Emails For Free

MailerLite is one of the best email marketing software around.

It allows you to send unlimited emails per month FOR FREE to 1,000 contacts. You don’t have to make any payment at all. If you have a small email list then you should be very excited about this.

They offer the highest free mailing opportunity among their alternatives like GetResponse, SendInBlue and it is Automated.
You can schedule your mails and forget it. They will be delivered accordingly as scheduled.

Mailerlite is a very popular email marketing software used by a lot of internet marketers to generate leads. It is like a done for you system. All you need to do is just import your contacts and start mailing. It is very user friendly and intuitive.

Mailerlite also gives you tools to grow your business like landing pages in all their plans, even in the free plan.

Some Good Features Of MailerLite

Drag & Drop Email Builder

Just as the name sounds. It is what it sounds like. With mailerlite, you will get a drag and drop email builder that will let you design outstanding emails without using any HTLM code. You simply drag and drop design elements here at the point where you want them to be, and that’s it.

Email Automation

Have you ever received a message from a company or a website with the email name like this: or you got a text in your email saying “This is an automated email. Please do not reply to this”.

You usually get these types of email right after you sign up on a website. These types of email are sent automatically using software like mailerlite. But that’s not all. You could also get emails that you can reply to in an automated way from email marketing software like mailer lite.

For example when you opt in to some courses teaching you something you are interested about. You receive their emails almost daily with different lessons. You may think the dudes are sending you that email everyday, but no, this is already a pre composed and pre scheduled email to run for anyone who opts in to learn what the course teaches. MailerLite gives you this feature in the free version.

Landing Pages

In case you do not know what a landing page is, it is very simple. The first page you “land” on when visiting a website is the “Landing Page” of that website. Mailerlite gives you the ability to build awesome landing pages even in the free version.

Pop Ups

When you visit this website, after a few minutes something comes up asking you to subscribe to learn about a way to make money or do something. You can also find this on many websites. That is a pop up. Mailerlite will help you create this in the free version too.

So In summary, the mailerlite free version allows you all these features. In my opinion it is one of the best email marketing software to send unlimited emails for free.