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Update: This ad network contains an unsafe code. I have stopped using it and don’t recommend it anymore.

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Today I am going to tell you how to monetize your website. I am going to be showing you one of the best advertising network to monetize your website, so that you can earn much more than others from your website.

Most people monetize their website with Adsense, but Adsense pays peanuts. Today I am going to show you a network that pays very much more than Adsense, like 10 times of what Adsense pays you.

Also they offer many many payment methods so that you can withdraw your earnings  easily no matter where you live in the world.

This networks is PropellerAds

This advertising network offers some great benefits to their advertisers and publishers.
They offer 100% traffic monetization
They have very high rates of conversion and it don’t matter where in the world your visitor is, you will still earn money with this network through them.

You get best offers from around the world
Combine a comprehensive list of direct advertisers with advanced optimization technology and what do you get? The highest revenue from the most relevant ads for all your online content.

They have lots of direct advertisers and their ads are very much optimized to show ads to the targeted audience depending on Geo location. This makes the offers convert better, meaning that people will likely click on them.

It is very easy to start, and you are quickly approved

In fact, this advertising network does not even do manual approval. You simply sign up, monetize your website within 5 minutes and start earning immediately. It is one of the easiest advertising networks to join, that I have ever seen.

You can also track your earnings with detailed reports and statistics right from your dashboard. So if you already have great traffic, you can quickly start earning bucks here in the next 5 minutes. As simple as that.

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My Suggestion

Although this is currently the best advertising network if you are not using adsense and you can start earning money from your website in just about 5 minutes, that is only possible if you already have great traffic. If not yet, then this is not for you.

When building a website, at first, you simply need to focus on growing it and getting traffic to it. When you have done this properly and you have a good number of visitors or visits on your websites everyday, then you can start to monetize it and make income from it to support yourself and your business.

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