How To Make $800 With Fiverr and FlixPress Quickly

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9 Responses

  1. mor says:

    I think that it worth less than 800$ now, max 20$.

  2. mubashar says:

    thanks awesome

    • dbundus says:

      great. 🙂

      • Taylor says:

        How should we make our videos stand out from the others? I really want to put effort into my work if I’m going to charge that much for high quality content that I produced. Also, since charging $800 seems a bit pricey, would lowering the price increase your chances of someone purchasing the video more frequently?

        • dbundus says:

          You don’t necessarily need to make your video stand out from others. You just have to give the buyer exactly what they want. That’s it. Flixpress videos are very hiqh quality standard videos for any buyer. However, you can also modify and edit it as you like.

  3. Taylor says:

    Thanks for the reply. Based on your experiences and the experiences of people that have followed your instruction, how much could I expect to make on a monthly basis? I’m heavily considering getting involved in this process as a side hustle for passive income.

  4. Walt says:

    hi, this sounds interesting, but I have a doubt, after I make the video,..;
    1.- it is easy to save to my computer and send the final video to client like a attachment in a email?
    2.- The final video will show the FLIXPRESS watermark on the video? or I have to upgrade to a monetize level?
    3.- Flixpress said that we have to add the link with the terms of use if we want to post videos on youtube. is not a problem if we want to monetize on fiverr?…..also the videos can be use at any other plataform like facebook, instagram or personal webpages?

    Please let us know your opinion about this questions….really appreciated…and thanks for sharing your knoweledge…

    • dbundus says:

      Yes it is easy to save to your computer and send final video to client in email.

      The final video will not show flixpress watermark. It will only be limited in terms of length of clip. If you upgrade, you get higher length of clip.

      You can add the link if flixpress said so. It is not a problem with monetizing on fiverr. The videos can be used on any where you want.

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