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Welcome to dbundus.com. Today I am going to show you how to install Jetpack plugin on your WordPress Website.

Jetpack simplifies site security, customization, and management.

It is a free plugin that utilizes powerful WordPress.com servers to enhance your site and simplify managing it. (actually it is Freemium)

You get detailed visitor stats, state-of-the-art security services, image performance upgrades, traffic generation tools, and more.

How To Do It

How To Install Jetpack Plugin

Step 1.

Install And Activate Jetpack Plugin

Click on plugins section from the left side menu of your WordPress admin dashboard. Click the Add New Button.
That will bring you to this page.


Search for Jetpack from the search bar on the right (See screenshot above). The Jetpack pack plugin will show up. Click on install and wait for it to install automatically. After
the installation is complete, then click on activate to activate the plugin.

Step 2.

Set Up Jetpack

Once you have activated the plugin, click on dashboard from the top left menu to go back to your main dashboard. You should see the screenshot below telling you to set up
jetpack. If you don’t see it then click on Jetpack link from the top left menu of your dashboard.


Click on the “Set Up Jetpack” green button (See screenshot above). You will be taken to the page in the screenshot below, and asked to connect your google account.
Make sure the google account is showing your website name below it. If it is not, then signign to your appropriate google account to continue. Enter your username, and
chose a password.


Remember to never forget your password. If you have many passwords and need a reputable password manager to help you, then check out Best Password Managers To Remember All Your Passwords For You: LastPass, 1Password, and Roboform. Click on “Create Account” to continue.
You will be shown the page in the screenshot below. Click on approve.


When you click on approve, you will be taking to the pricing page where you will see different plans. Simply scroll down to the bottom and click “Start with free”


After clicking on approve, you will be taking back to your WordPress dashboard and you will see a page like the screenshot below. Simply click on “Activate recommended features” and wait for it to do its job.


Now you should see the page in the below screenshot.


If you see this, then you have successfully set up Jetpack plugin on your WordPress website. Click on “Okay’ Got it!”

Hold This in Mind

Remember to keep your password safely and never forget it. If you need help storing your password safely, so that you don’t have to worry about remembering it, then check
out. Best Password Managers To Remember All Your Passwords For You: LastPass, 1Password, and Roboform.

Hope This Helped You

Thank you for reading. I hope this helped you install Jetpack plugin on your WordPress website. If it did, please put your thoughts about this below or ask any questions you
have below in the comment section.

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