How To Get More Conversions From Your Advertising Expenses Using A Landing Page

In this post I will talk about how to get more from your advertising expenses. I mean more conversions, more sign ups or leads with landing page.

If you are earning money online by running a business, you will need to promote that business through adverts. Sometimes depending on your method of promotion, you will have to spend some funds right?

Now what if the visitor comes to your website from the interest of seeing your ads but don’t know what to do, and then he leaves your website. That effort is wasted, and that opportunity gone. This is why I want to talk about something very important, that you should do before you start promoting your business online. What is that?

Optimize Your Landing Page.

What Is A Landing Page?

Your Landing Page is simply the first page that a visitor lands on when he visits your website. When a visitor comes here it is very necessary that he knows what to do. The main thing you want him to do should be very clear.Β  Some visitors usually have short term attention span when they are online. I don’t know why but I guess probably because there are lots of amazing things out there or right here on the internet, that they can’t wait to jump from one point to the next being curious.

But you don’t want them to leave your website, at least without completing the main thing you want them to complete. This is why it is very necessary to optimize your landing page properly before advertising your business.

Tips Or How To Optimize Your Landing Page For More Conversion

Put A Big Call To Action Button On The Center

Yes, depending on your type of business and what you want visitors to do when they come to your landing page, this is very important. Call to Action Buttons are very important. It could be a Sign Up For Free or Get Started Now button but it should be big, and should be the first thing they see when they land on your website.

Use A Dark Low Contrast OrΒ  Brightness Background Images

This is to make your call to action button more visible and easy to see. You should use dark contrast images or low brightness background images and a big call to action button with bright color. I would suggest red button with a white text, but any of the primary colors will be fine as long as it is bold and big. Just make sure that the button background color is dark enough to show the white text clearly.

Do Not Use AutoPlay Video Backgrounds In Your Landing Page

You may be surprised at this one, but I am writing from my personal experience here. You see, there are many people who will quickly close any web page with an automatic playing video in the background, without even looking at it for more than 5 seconds, because they don’t want you to waste their internet connection data.

It depends on the internet connection method of your visitor, but I can tell you that there are many people who are managing internet connection and would close your website immediately without a second thought, the moment they see a video playing in it.

So even if you are going to use a video background, make sure that it does not auto play. You don’t have to force the user to watch the video. πŸ™‚

Do Not Leave Many Texts Around Your Call To Action Button

You don’t want any distractions around your call to action button. That is the most important thing you want the user to click on that page. Because of this, it is very necessary that you do not leave many texts around the call to action button. It should stand alone big and bold, should be the first thing to catch the visitors eyes when he lands on your landing page, and easy to click on. It should hold a captivating text too, an offer that is not easy to reject for anyone who is interested in your type of business.

Incentivize Your Visitors On Exit With A Pop Up Offering Advantage

You ever witnessed, leaving a website and just on the point of you moving that cursor to the “x” close button, something pops up, offering you an advantage or promising you something? That’s what I am talking about here.

So your visitor came to your website, but then after all, he decides to leave without clicking on the call to action button, well, you didn’t want that to happen. In this case, you can try to guess why he is leaving and then offer him a cut down or something that could capture his attention using the exit-pop up banner.

You could be right in your guess, and you could be wrong, but it is worth trying it. Depending on your business type, if the user has to spend money on your product, you could offer him a discount when he tries to leave without clicking the call to action button. There are many other things you could offer. Like I said, it depends on your type of business. You are in the best position to know the most suitable thing to offer πŸ™‚

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