Rewards redemption sites are one of the easiest ways to make fast money online today easily. A rewards redemption site is a website that gives you rewards in the form of points, coins or something similar for completing offers. These points or coins could be redeemed for real money and withdrawn to either your bank account, any online wallet or redeemed for gift cards which could be spent on different stores for purchase of goods.

An Example Of A Rewards Redemption Site

A good example is PaidPoints .

Rewards redemption site example

PaidPoints is a site where you can complete offers for points which you can then redeem later for cash.

What Are Offers?

Offers are proposals made by advertisers or product owners/companies or market researchers to give you a reward if you complete a particular task.

Example Of Some Offers You Can Complete On A Rewards Redemption Site

Paid Surveys

This type of offer simply requires you to answer some questions asked by market researchers and product companies who are looking for a way to improve on their product. You get rewarded with points for cash for answering these questions. A paid survey can reward you with up to 500 Points ($5). You can take these paid surveys as much as you want everyday.

Download And Open Apps

This type of offer simply requires you to download and open an app. These apps are free to download and use, and are hosted on Google Play Store, Apple, etc. They wouldn’t cost you anything. Still, you can earn rewards for downloading and using them for few minutes. On PaidPoints, you can get rewarded with up to 200 Points ($2) for completing this type of offer.

Play A Game

This type of offer simply requires you to download and play a game. You have to complete some level in the game to get your reward. Some games are usually very easy to play while some are hard to play. You earn rewards for each level completed in the game. You can get rewarded with up to 10,000 Points ($100) for completing this type of offer.

Some games reward you with points for each level completed while some games reward once for completing all specified levels. Usually this reward is bigger. A good example of a game that rewards up to 10,000 Points is Mafia City: War of Underworld.

Free Sign Up Offers

This type of offer requires you to simply sign up on a website with accurate information . You can get rewarded with up to 500 Points ($5) for doing so.

Free Trial Offers

This type of offer requires you to sign up on a product website and subscribe for free trial plan. You don’t have to pay anything. However, some websites will require you to enter a billing information, but others don’t.

In the case where you entered a billing information, you can always cancel the free trial plan, just right before it expires, after you have been rewarded. This way you don’t get auto billed. You can get rewarded with up to 500 Points ($5) for completing this type of offer.

There are many more types of offers you can complete on a rewards redemption site for free rewards. These include watching videos, taking quiz, leaving website reviews, following social media pages and liking content, and even casino games.

Casino games could be very profitable offer to complete in a rewards redemption site like PaidPoints. For example, on PaidPoints -> OfferToro offer wall, the Casears William Hill Gaming casino rewards you with 5500 Points ($55) to deposit and wager only $15. No matter the outcome of your bet, you are getting a profit of 4,000 Points ($40) on PaidPoints . If you win your bet, you get the amount you won also in addition to $40 on PaidPoints.

How To Redeem Your Rewards On A Rewards Redemption Site

You can redeem your rewards through real cash through PayPal, or any other payment gateway online, gift card vouchers, game codes, crypto, and so much more! Some sites can send you your earnings directly to your bank account.

How To Redeem Your Rewards On PaidPoints

After you have earned your points by completing offers on PaidPoints, you can redeem them for cash by clicking on “Money” -> “Transfer” and transfer the points to Main Balance in USD.

How To Earn Point Rewards On PaidPoints

To earn point rewards which you can redeem for cash, simply click on “Apps & Surveys” from the dashboard. Doing this will take you to the offer walls where you can complete offers for points.

Apps & Surveys

Alternatively, you can click on “Earn” from the sidebar, then click on Apps & Surveys to land on the offer walls.

Is A Rewards Redemption Site Worth Using?

It depends on the purpose of usage and also the users location. A rewards redemption site is well worth using if you are looking to make some extra income online. If you live in a location where an extra $100 a week is enough for you, then this is also suitable. However, this type of site may not be the most suitable for you if you are looking for how to get rich working online from home.

These type of sites are suitable for getting the extra money you need to buy yourself some books, extra clothes, shoes, gadgets, etc. Additionally you can use your earnings to set up paid ads for your online business or start a new one.

How To Make More Money

To make more money with these sites, you can join their referral program and invite your audience to them.

For example, on PaidPoints, you are rewarded with 2000 Points ($20) for anyone who joins through your referral link, and earns up to 5000 Points ($50) within every 30 days. The rewards rage from $20 down to $5. For more information about it, visit PaidPoints .

If you have a large audience interested in the MMO (Make Money Online) niche, this could be more profitable than banner ads and similar ad display types.

Other Good Examples Of A Rewards Redemption Site

There are many good examples of these type of sites. Below are a few good examples. They are also the best alternatives to PaidPoints





Poll Pay





Rewards Redemption Site – Garena – This site is different from a typical rewards redemption site. It is a unique site specifically meant for “free fire” game players to redeem their rewards through codes.