Copy Your Competitors Business Website

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In this post, I will be telling you how to analyze and see and possibly copy your competitors business website. There are some great few ways that you can see exactly what they are doing, where they are mentioned on the web, and with few information like these, you can surely get a taste of what they are involved in, and that should help you grow your business like them.

Methods That Will Help You Copy Your Competitors Business Website Growth

First method I will be talking about here is Google Alert

About Google Alert

Did you know that Google has this awesome feature called Google Alerts, that you can set up for any word, phrase or topic, and it will tell you whenever that word, phrase or topic is mentioned anywhere online. You will receive an email in your inbox every time there is a mention of that word, phrase or topic.

So how can you make use of this to your advantage? Well if you have a brand that is similar to your type of business and you intend to find out how they grow or what they are involved in, then you can set this alert up, and include their brand name in your Google alert, so every time that that brand name gets mentioned anywhere online, you will get alert in your email, with a link leading you to where the post was made or where the brand name was mentioned. That’s about Google Alert for this post.

Another great tool you can sue to completely spy on your competitors business website is SEMRUSH.


Semrush will help you know almost every search engine optimization details about any brand you want. Who is linking to them, the keywords they rank for, and many more. In summary you will be learning about exactly what they do to rank up their website to where it is. When you learn about this, then you can apply the same techniques to your own website since it is a similar brand.


This one helps you to find the content that performs best on your competitors domain. For example if your competitors domain is “”, then you can go to BuzzSumo and type “” in the search bar, and you will see the content topic on his website that gets the most shares, views and who is their best influencer.

Like this, you can create the same type of content as them. It is pretty much a very useful tool, especially for bloggers.


SocialSearcher is more like Google Alerts that helps you find the mention of any brand name on the web but here the difference is that SocialSearcher will help you find anywhere that the brand name is mentioned on all “Social Media“.

These few tools could help you a lot when it comes to understanding how to copy your competitors business website growth by helping you understand exactly what is going on in them, and how they are making progress.

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Before I end this post, I’d really like to say something that I actually don’t agree with. It’s a personal opinion and I can’t leave this post here without mentioning it. I don’t agree with Competition. It is not one of my favorite words. Although I used it here, It is just meant to express what I want to say.

You could and should do all you have to do to attain similar success as your fellow brands but I don’t call it competition. Maybe I have a twisted understanding about word ” competition “. 🙂