MoneySMS is a mobile app that will pay you to install it on your phone and receive SMS from companies. If you would like to get paid to receive SMS on your phone, then read along.

What Is MoneySMS?

MoneySMS is an app that will pay you to install it on your phone and receive SMS. You will earn money, about €0.02 each time you receive an SMS on your phone. You don’t have to do any extra work. Just leave the app open on your phone while you are connected to the internet, and you will receive messages and money.

Why Is Money SMS Paying You Just To Receive SMS?

Well, there are companies out there who are looking to send messages to people who are in different countries. There are many telecom companies who are looking to test their sms getway to see that everything works very well before sending messages to people in different countries.

They want to use your line to ensure that this works very well. You will get paid for receiving the test text messages. You don’t even have to read it, and you will get paid for it.

How Much Can You Earn With Money SMS?

You will probably receive 3 messages everyday and earn about €0.02 euros per message. That would probably be about €0.06 euros per day.  It may seem like a small amount of money but remember, that you are not doing anything to earn this money but just install an app on your phone and keep it open.

Also they do have a 30% referral program where you get  30% of what your referrals withdraw.
Your referral would receive a bonus of €0.25 euros and you will receive 30% of whatever amount they withdraw in your wallet. So if you refer a lot of people you can actually earn a lot of money with this.

Use referral code: 222F0755113 while signing up.

Is MoneySMS Legitimate?

MoneySMS is very legitimate.  I have done the research. They also have a ‘”LEGITIMATE” PAYING status on foxyrating.  Foxyrating is one of the most trusted legitimate websites where you can find websites that actually pay.

MoneySMSapp has been paying since 4 years and will continue to pay. Their 30% referral program is also a very huge bonus. It’s a great generous commission that anyone should take advantage of.

How To Download And Install MoneySMS?

Simply click on MoneySMSApp. Download the app and install. Then it will ask you to sign up. Simply enter your phone number and your password. Then click on “I have a referral code”, and enter this code ” 222F0755113 “. You will receive a bonus of €0.25 . Then log in and keep your app open with internet connection.

If your network is not available, just use another sim from another network and it may be available.


You can withdraw your money when you have earned €2. You will be able to withdraw your money through Bitcoin, Litecoin, PayPal, etc.

Are you ready to get paid to receive sms on your phone, then download and install MoneySMSApp

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