In this post I will show you a very easy affiliate marketing method to earn money fast with affiliate marketing.

I have not created a post for a while and that is because lately I have been very busy with many projects. I had to struggle to create this post as I need to always create constant post to keep the blog up to date.

Previously, I have talked about affiliate marketing, what it is, and how much you can earn with it.

It is surely one of the easiest ways for beginners to start earning money online. After going through the posts I have written there, you could get a clearer understanding of what it is and how to begin. But in this post, I will simply show you one of the easiest methods for beginners to start earning money with affiliate marketing.

Remember that in affiliate marketing we have CPS, CPL and more. These stand for Cost Per Sale (CPS), Cost Per Lead (CPL).

CPS – Cost Per Sale

This is when you get paid for making a sale in affiliate marketing. You simply promote the advertisers product and you get paid if someone buys the product. Some people prefer this method because you actually get paid higher for making a sale. But sometimes it could be harder to make a sale.

CPL – Cost Per Lead

This is when you get paid for just bringing a potential customer to the advertiser. For example, if you get someone to sign up on the advertisers website, you have brought a potential customer to the advertiser and that is called a lead. It could be just a single email field, once your visitor enters his email in the advertisers website, you have brought a lead for the advertiser and you get paid for that. How cool is that?

CPL – Cost Per Lead is one of the easy affiliate marketing methods to earn money fast with affiliate marketing from this moment you are reading this and, I am going to go deeper into details to show you how to get started and methods you can use.

How To Find Cost Per Lead (CPL) Offers To Promote

Join ShareASale Affiliate Network

First thing you need to do is to sign up on an affiliate network with lots of CPL offers and get approved. Once you are approved, then you can start promoting your CPL offers. ShareASale is one of the best affiliate marketing networks with lots of CPL offers for you to promote. Sign up, get approved and get started with promoting the CPL offers. Read How I Got Approved In ShareASale Network.

To find other affiliate networks to join and start promoting CPL offers please read here:  Best Affiliate Networks To Join And How To Get Approved But overall, ShareASale is one of the best affiliate networks to join with many offers. They have almost all the offers you need to promote.

If you are already approved by ShareASale, then you are good to go.

How To Find CPL Offers To Promote Inside ShareASale Affiliate Network

Once you have signed up on ShareASale affiliate network and you have gotten approved, then log in and on your dashboard select “Merchants”and click on “Search For Merchants” .

Then click on categories, to find a merchant in a niche you want to promote offers in. Niche is topic. For example, make money online, technology, travel, music, etc. Offers that you can promote are listed in niches called “Categories” on ShareAsale.

Select a niche or click on it. In my case I am going to go for “Freebies, Free stuff…” .

Once you have selected or clicked on this niche, you are going to see a list of many offers you can promote in that niche. Then by the right side, you are going to see if it is Payer Per Lead, PPL (the same thing as CPL) or if it is PPS (the same thing as CPS) . See image below.

In this case you can see that this offer is CPL (PPL = Pay Per Lead) . I have marked where you can find it in red above. This means that they will pay you $2 to bring someone to sign up on their website, and may be perform some actions. But this person would not have to spend any money at all or buy anything for you to get paid. 🙂

So click the blue button on the extreme right side that says “Join Program” . Agree to their program agreement, describe how you are going to promote the website and then click the blue button that says “Join Program” again.

Wait for their approval. They should approve you in less than 48 hours. Once approved, you can now pick their  links  or their banners and promote them. You will have access to all these things on your dashboard once any program approves you.

Easy Affiliate Marketing Method To Promote CPL Offers After Being Approved In ShareASale Network

Although I have written a post before on 18 Methods To Find Referral And Make Sales With Affiliate Products and you can go and read that. I will also write some more ideas in this post. Some of them may be new, and some of them may already be existing in the previous post I wrote about the 18 methods.

Method One – Forum Signatures

When you have got approved by merchants on ShareASale and you have got the links to their offers, now you can promote these links through some easy methods. Make sure to stick with the methods that you supplied to them while you were asking to join their program.

Copy the link to the offer you are promoting and find forums that are popular in that niche. Most forums allow you to put a signature (a link to your website) which will display below all your posts and comments on that forum.  Put the link to the offer you are promoting in your signature spot in place of your website.

For example if you are promoting an offer on the Make Money Online (MMO niche), you can sign up on forums like “DimeForum“, BeerMoneyForum, and many more. There are many of them and you can find them using google.

When on these forums, follow their rules to ensure you are not banned.

Method Two – Using Popular YouTubers And Bloggers

I have written about this method before in the 18 Methods To Find Referral And Make Sales With Affiliate Products , but I write it again here, because it is a very great and working method. The only downside to this method is that you may have to spend some funds on it. But don’t worry, you will get your funds back and even more. Sometimes, “you use money to make more money!” You may have heard that phrase before.

Contact a popular YouTuber who has a lot of subscribers, and gets a lot of views on their video, and is operating on the niche of the offer you are promoting. Ask them to make a video about your offer, and encourage their subscribers and viewers to click on the link to your offer, which you will give him to put in the description box of his video.

Remember this is Pay Per Lead, and the subscribers/viewers  do not have to buy anything before you get paid. This is one reason why this will convert very well.

For instance using the sample offer I showed in the image above, you can find a YouTube that is on the FREE amazon Gift Card, giveaway niche, Make Money Online niche, or someone who makes video about GPT websites and make a deal with them.
Use this same exact method for Popular Bloggers that blog on your offer niche. You can try me for example.

Method Three – Use GPT Websites If The Merchant Allows You To Use Cash Incentives

GPT websites called in full as Get Paid To websites, are websites that pay their users some beer money, to complete offers for merchants. An example of a good GPT website is PaidPoints and I run PaidPoints. You can join PaidPoints and add your offer to our platform if your merchant allows you to promote your offer using cash incentive.

We have lots of users who will be willing to complete your free offer, and earn some little money doing it. You will probably have to give them just 10 to 20% of what your advertise pays you. For example, using the offer above where you get paid like $2.00 for each free sign up. When you put that offer on PaidPoints, you can pay each user who signs up from PaidPoints just $0.4 and you will still have a good profit of $1.6 for you.

Most GPT websites already have users who are waiting to complete these types of offers fast.