In this post you will see how you can get paid on all social media and your websites

Now you can earn money on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Medium, YouTube, Twitch, Vimeo, you name them, etc with  Flattr . Flattr pays you money for doing what you love.  So…

What Is Flattr?

Flattr is a website that helps creators earn revenue automatically from their work by connecting creators with their fans or anyone who likes their product. Who is a creator here? Don’t get tricked by the word “creator”. It is just me and you. Do you make post on Facebook? instagram, twitter, medium, and the rest of them? Then you are a creator.

You don’t even need to have a website to start earning money with Flattr. However, if you have one, then it is a plus. You can also add all your websites. If you have a YouTube, Vimeo, Twitch and the rest of them channels, then you can earn on Flattr too. You are a creator!

Just this very second in the process of writing this sentence, I remembered lol, You can now double your earnings on YouTube and co with this, because you are already earning on your YouTube and co videos from monetization.

Here are the platforms currently supported by Flattr

Flattr will be adding more platforms too in future. So…

How Does Flattr Help Creators Earn Revenue Automatically From Their Work?

So Flattr, handles two partners, two types of accounts. They are, “The Creators”, and “The Contributors” .

The Creators

The creators as I have explained above are those who make posts, videos, artworks, any thing you do. As long as you have a social media platform supported by Flattr, and/or a website. You are a creator and can earn money through your fans with Flattr.

The Contributors

The contributors are those who enjoy your work. Your social media followers, fans, YouTube subscribers, vimeo, and others, your website audience.

The Contributors pay a monthly subscription fee to Flattr and then Flattr rewards the creator from those fees, every time the contributors view their work for minutes or like their work. 

How To Start Using Flattr

It’s very simple. Sign up on Flattr , link your social media accounts and your website(s), and that’s it.  Please note: if you want to earn money with Flattr, then you must sign up as a creator not as a contributor.

Method Of Withdrawal

Flattr will pay you through your local bank account. You will have to add a valid bank account to Flattr where you can withdraw your earnings. As long as your bank accepts international payments, it works worldwide and you will receive your earnings in your bank account.

Why Flattr Is One Of The Best Ways To Get Paid On All Social Media And Your Websites

Flattr actually works in a way that once contributors subscribes for one time, that subscription covers everything. This means that contributors don’t have to keep subscribing to each and every individual creator account.

They also say that creators don’t have to worry about producing content in a strict schedule. While this is true, I suggest that as a creator, you should stick with your strict schedule, and you will probably earn a lot more from your content. The contributors will get to know you more.

You Are Doubling Your Income With Flattr

Flattr is an additional way to earn more on already paying websites like YouTube, Medium and co. You probably have monetized your YouTube videos and earning from it. Adding your YouTube channel to Flattr will get you an additional income on top of that. It’s a Win Win.

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