Earn Money By Sharing Links With Shorte. ST

Shorte.st will pay you up to $14 to get 1000 people to click a link. It is a link shortener used to shorten long links and make them smaller. It works just like every other link shortener out there however, it pays higher than most of them. They have been in the business for very long and definitely pay their users. Shorte.st has over 300,000 users currently. These people are website owners, social media members (anyone virtually :-)), and affiliate marketers.

They also have another way to earn which is through their miner app. You download their miner app and you can mine cryptocurrencies with it. This method doesn’t require you to do any work at all. And also, if you will like to know what cryptocurrencies are, then please read the post ” How to earn thousands of dollars with bitcoin faucets” . It could give you a head start. In fact, If you don’t know what cryptocurrency are yet, I really suggest you look into it. You may be missing out a lot.

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