PaidPoints is a website where you can earn money for completing easy tasks, offers, and surveys.  You can earn $10 in just about 1 hour, everyday working on PaidPoints.

Here are some Payout Proofs

Instant payouts.

PaidPoints Virtual Currency

On PaidPoints you get paid points which you earn from completing offers on PaidPoints website. Each Points is worth 1 cents. These points can be transferred to real cash anytime you wish to.

1 Points = $0.01, 10 Points = $0.10, 50 Points = $0.50, 100 Points = $1,

500 Points = $5, 1,000 Points = $10, 5,000 Points = $50, 10,000 Points = $100.

It is easy to earn $10 daily in just under 2 hours. Many users have done it. It might not be very interesting to earn $10 everyday, but if you consider it is worth it, because if you spend only 1 hours to earn $10 everyday, you will be earning $300 extra income every month. Now you have the rest of your time to spend on your daily job or other commitments.

How To Earn Money With PaidPoints

1. Click on “Earn” from the left menu.

2. Click on CPA/GPT Offers, or Offer Walls.

3. Complete the offers/surveys you find there.

You will be credited PaidPoints which will show up on your PaidPoints Balance.

4. Click on Money -> Transfer and transfer your PaidPoints to Cash which will show up in your main balance.

5. Click on Money -> Withdraw to withdraw your earnings from Main Balance.

Before withdraw, ensure to add your PerfectMoney wallet to PaidPoints under Payments Tab from here .

The CPA/GPT Offers & Offer Walls

The CPA/GPT offers is where you can earn PaidPoints for completing easy and simple to do tasks. Some of these tasks include but not limited to signing up on websites, subscribing to youtube channels, liking and following facebook pages, and twitter accounts, and many more. Below is a screenshot of the CPA/GPT Offers page.

The Offer Walls Page is similar to the CPA/GPT Offers page. Here you can take surveys and also complete more offers and tasks. Below is an image of one of the Offer Walls page.

There are many offer walls and more will be added in the future. You can earn from any offer wall you wish to and you can move from one offerwall to the other using the tabs where you can find “KiwiWall”, “AdClickWall”. You can see many PaidPoints here to earn. 100 PaidPoints = $1.

These offers are easy to complete. Some of them just requires you to download and install a mobile app. Some of them just need you to take a short survey, and you can get up to 200 PaidPoints or even more. For example the last of on the bottom right of the image above, pays you over 900 PaidPoints = $9 to complete it.

How To Start Using PaidPoints And Menu Explanation

First, Sign up on PaidPoints and activate your account through your email. Be sure to check your spam box in case you don’t find the activation email in your inbox. After activating your account then log in.

You will be giving a full account and you will come to your dashboard (summary) as shown in the image below after login

The Menus

From the left menu you will see the following menu.


This is first page you land on where you will see all your balances and also a social chat box


If you signed up to earn from PaidPoints then click here and chose where to earn from the sub menus

CPA/GPT Offers  – Earn from completing tasks and offers

PTC   – Paid To Click

Traffic Exchange  – Earn from viewing websites

Offer Walls  – Earn from completing surveys and offers


If you signed up to advertise on PaidPoints then you should use this menu. As an earner, you can also advertise on PaidPoints. You get both type of accounts in one.

CPA/GPT Offers  – This where you post any tasks that you want people to complete for you. It could be sign up on websites, like Facebook page, subscribe to your YouTube channel, complete an airdrop as your referral, etc. There is endless opportunities here on the type of tasks you can create.

PTC  – This is where you advertise your PTC ads.

Traffic Exchange – This is where you advertise your website for users to view.


Deposit – You can deposit money to your account from here . You can chose to deposit to purchase balance or traffic balance. These funds will be used by you to pay for tasks you want users to complete for you, or get traffic to your website.

Transfer – When you earn Points which is the main virtual currency of the system, you can transfer these points either to your Main Balance, Purchase Balance or Traffic Balance. Each transfer converts the Points to actual money for you in the ratio of 100:1 . That means 100 Points is equal to $1   and 1 Points is equal to $0.01 .

Transferring to your main balance enables you to withdraw it from the system, as you can only withdraw from Main Balance.

When you transfer to Purchase Balance or Traffic Balance, you are exchanging the points for money to be used back in the system to promote your products or order any other service you want.

You can also transfer from main balance to purchase or traffic balance.

Withdraw – Here you can withdraw from your Main balance to your PerfectMoney wallet. Minimum withdrawal is currently $5. We are working to add more payment methods.

Logs – Here you can see your activity history.


Here you can see the profiles of members and also make friends.


Here you can find your recent and total earnings on PaidPoints.

Register On PaidPoints  . If you have any question or comments please do not hesitate to leave it below. Thank you 🙂

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