Invest Bitcoin And Earn Bitcoin

Bitbond is a website where you can earn bitcoin while you sleep. You can put your bitcoin to work for you and here is how you do it. You simply lend bitcoin to people who are in urgent need of money (Bitcoin). Then you set you interest rate on return. This is the amount they will return to you just for helping them.

The amount should be greater than the amount you lend them. For example If I lend someone a bitcoin of 0.1 BTC and he is supposed to return it in 1 month. I can set the return amount to be 0.11 BTC or 0.12 BTC. The choice is yours.

So when he is returning the bitcoin, he will pay me 0.12 BTC. That is an additional 0.02 BTC on top of what I gave him. That is the profit I have made now. I hope you understand it. It is that simple, and the website has security measures to ensure that he returns the money.

Also when you check the profile of the person, you see that he has strong reputation. You can see that he has been a long member of the website, and has been successfully returning bitcoins. This is how you know that he will return your bitcoin.

And Like I said the website has lots of security measures in place. For example, they have all the details to the person’s residence, and other documents. In the worst case you are sure of getting your funds back, just by filing a ticket. This rarely happens though.

This is one of the easiest ways I have seen to make quick money online. Only thing is, you need money to make more money here. If you want to invest bitcoin and earn bitcoin, then Bitbond is a good way to do it.

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