In this post I will show you some best freelance websites to find work from home jobs.
If you are reading this post then I assume that you already know what freelance means. But just for the sake of those who are new to the word and don’t know what it means, it simply means working for anyone, something like temporary contract not permanent. You are free to work for anyone you wish to.

That being said, in this post I want to show you some of the best freelance websites that you can find work from your home, while sitting in your room, wearing whatever you like, no need to go to any office, your room is your office 🙂


Upwork is the most popular freelancing website I have ever known or come across. Upwork was previously named O desk. It is a combination of Elance and Odesk now. Elance was a former competitor of Upwork, but now they collaborated and emerged. This made them even stronger. They have more available work in any niche that pop up every single minute. In just about 5 minutes you can have 5 new jobs that you can apply for in upwork. If you are looking for a Work From Home job, then definitely check Upwork, you will love them. Join UpWork


This website is another very popular and great freelance website for anyone looking to find a work from home job. But the difference between fiver and upwork is the model. While on upwork, you see new jobs listed by people who are looking for someone to complete a task for them, and you have to apply to the jobs with your proposal, Fiverr does it in just the direct opposite.
On fiverr, you sign up and list your skills, your tasks, tell people what you can do for them. When people need a task to be completed for them, they come to fiverr to look for a professional (you), and they will find your skills or what you can do for them, listed on the fiverrs page, then they will apply for it, pay fiverr, you do the work and you get paid, as fiverr releases the funds.


The next on our list is Taskrabbbit. This freelance website is different from fiverr and upwork, because here you could get offline work. It is more focused on offline work rather than online. People come here to find people who live around or within their location who can help them complete simple tasks. So if you are the type that believes more in the offline world more than the online world, then you may prefer this to other alternatives.

Some of the tasks you will be doing include : Grocery Shopping and Delivery, Disinfecting Services, Drop Off Donations, Yard Work, and many more. In my opinion, you may be able to get a consistent work from this website once you meet the person in real time live and say for example you do a yard work, this type of work could be repeated most of the times, and if you do it well, you could exchange contacts and you could be the man for the job next time! 🙂 Not saying you are gonna be a rabbit but Join TaskRabbit 🙂 My apologies discovering later that this is not actually a work from home website, because you may have to change location sometimes to do the job, but at least you can find the work and get approved from home.

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